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Mid west transport services transportation company benefited a lot from Allison automatic transmission

mid west transport services transportation company benefited a lot from Allison automatic transmission

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Sydney based transportation company mid west transport services said that after two years of successful trials, he was particularly grateful for his dilemma. After 10 sets were equipped with Allison's automatic gear UD PK, The company will no longer purchase manual transmissions

Dennis Larsen, the owner of Beijing Mid West transport services, saw the lack of skilled truck drivers in the market, so he tried to try UD vehicles equipped with Allison automatic transmission on his fleet of manual delivery vehicles. After two years of easy driving, reduced vehicle failures, improved fuel efficiency and excellent performance, Dennis Larsen firmly said that he would no longer buy manual trucks

the company's fleet currently has 29 cargo trucks and 6 road tractors, including 10 automatic transmission UD PK. The fleet operation headquarters is located in the western suburbs of Sydney, providing contract transportation and truck rental services to our customers

"the technical ability of drivers is getting worse and worse, and it is difficult to find excellent and well-trained drivers," Larsen said. "So we decided to try automatic transmission vehicles, which proved to be very good."

initially, the main purpose of deciding to purchase Allison automatic transmission UD vehicles was to make it easier to recruit personnel in an environment with a serious shortage of drivers

he said, "now many drivers don't know how to drive manual transmission vehicles. Improper use of the clutch during driving will burn the clutch. Every time this happens, we have to stop for maintenance, which will cause losses to us. However, in the two years we tried automatic transmission UD vehicles, there has been no problem with the transmission system."

after switching to Allison automatic transmission, the problems of driver recruitment and frequent vehicle failures are solved, and more benefits are obtained, including the improvement of fuel efficiency. Although mid west does not have specific fuel consumption figures, Larsen said that the fuel consumption of trucks equipped with Allison full-automatic transmission is less than that of trucks with manual transmission before

the workload of the company's fleet is very large. Most trucks that should fasten the relevant parts are distributed in cities and nearby areas. The average daily driving distance of most vehicles is more than 500 kilometers (310 miles). Vehicles that perform various tasks include flat top trailers, freight buses, and lifting trucks

"we have conducted some vehicle comparison tests on the highway. As we recently proved in a 1500 km (932 miles) round trip to Cobar, even in the suburbs far away from the city, vehicles equipped with Allison automatic transmission perform better than those equipped with manual transmission, and also save more resources."

larsen has more than 30 years of working experience in the transportation industry. He started with advance couriers express company in the early 1980s, and then established mid west transport services transportation service company in 2000. However, it is not just this industry veteran who likes Allison automatic transmission

although it is often not easy to face change, Larsen said, "drivers also like automatic transmission. At first, they feel a little uneasy, but as long as they drive a truck equipped with Allison full-automatic transmission in the busy urban traffic for a day, they will be conquered and will no longer be willing to drive manual block cars."

Larsen said, "we'll never buy a manual truck again. It's that simple."

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