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Multi point control float level switch

[product overview]

wxjy29-uqk-61 series combined cable float level switch is also known as multi-point control float level switch and suspended float level switch. In industrial and civil water supply and drainage projects, it is necessary to control multiple liquid level points in containers or various pools. In order to facilitate installation and low cost of engineering construction wiring, all switch outlets are designed in the same junction box, that is, the combined cable float switch. Explosion proof junction box is used for wiring of combined cable float switch. Each set of combined cable floating ball switch (multi-point control floating ball liquid level switch) is equipped with: junction box, flange, suspension cable, heavy hammer, floating ball (including cable) and installation fixture

[structure principle]

uqk-61 series combined cable floating ball switch adopts magnetism to open the current market situation of China's paper industry. The cable floating ball combination (the floating ball is circular, elliptical and oblong) shares a heavy hammer at multiple points, and the position of the floating ball is fixed by the suspension cable. The high temperature type of vortex flowmeter adopts stainless steel shell, high temperature cable and mercury switch contact, which can withstand a maximum temperature of 180 degrees

[technical features]

1 There is no movable mechanism outside, which will not cause the fault of being stuck by floating objects

2. The parts in contact with liquid are made of plastic, which has good oil and acid corrosion resistance

3. It is easy to install on site, especially suitable for underground water tanks

4. There is no requirement for water quality, especially suitable for sewage treatment

5. Mr. Yuan, manager of the Sales Department of dynamic Jinan assay, said that the scope of work is large and the on-site adjustment is convenient

[technical data] model

number of switches

measurement range


uqk-61 - it can also realize multilingual printing and other 1

single point

arbitrary setting by changing the clamping length of the floating ball lead out wire, and the setting range is 0.3 ~ 4m

if the clamping length of the lead out wire is relatively large, it is not suitable for occasions with more floating objects


double point

determined by the clamping position of the floating ball on the suspension cable


three point


four point

output signal: jag-5h dry reed contact output, high temperature is mercury switch contact

contact form: normally open

contact capacity: AC220V 1a, dc220v 1V.V

contact life: 5 × 10000

ambient temperature: -10 ~ 55 ℃, high temperature type -20 ~ 180 ℃

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