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From the perspective of the world economy, China's rise needs to develop a low-carbon economy

with the increasingly serious global climate problem, the pressure of the international community can no longer be avoided, and the low-carbon economy has undoubtedly become the focus of global attention. The low-carbon economy based on low emissions and low consumption is bound to set off the fourth wave of global economic change after the wave of agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, service industry and it informatization revolution, China's economy will also rise in the fourth wave. The development of low-carbon economy has obviously become a new driving force and engine for China's economic development. The world economy sees China, and China's rise sees the development of low-carbon economy

in recent years, the Chinese government has been committed to the development of circular economy, green economy, new energy, research and development of new energy technologies, and has made fruitful contributions to coping with global climate problems and revitalizing the world economy. It has established a good image of a negative power in front of the people of the world. As a developing power, as a power with 1.3 billion people, It can not only solve the problem of food and clothing and realize the road of rapid economic revitalization, but also take into account the historical changes in the development of high technology, new energy, the revitalization of cultural industry and ecological agriculture, and seek the road of green economy, circular economy and sustainable development. It has made gratifying achievements. The world has to admire China, appreciate China and recognize China

with the rapid development of China's economy, China's economy has played a significant role in the Asia Pacific region and even the world. At the same time, it has also made great contributions. The world economy cannot ignore China, and China's rise is overwhelming

Vice Premier Li Keqiang recently said that green economy, circular economy and low-carbon economy will become an important starting point in the economic restructuring next year, which is the latest forecast of the central economic work conference and an important reference in our investment decisions

China will set off a wave of green economy, circular economy and low-carbon economy revolution in the world, and the development of green economy, circular economy and low-carbon economy will also become a Chinese city, but among them, what is worth enterprises' attention is: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is constantly rising; 2. The accumulated order amount of key enterprises in the machinery industry has rebounded, and their competitiveness has further improved as an important engine for economic growth

the real estate industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy, and building energy consumption, automobile energy consumption, and industrial energy consumption are the three largest industries in China's total carbon emissions. On the road of developing a low-carbon economy, the "energy conservation" and "low carbon" of buildings are bound to become inseparable topics

if the world economy looks at China and China rises to develop a low-carbon economy, it is imperative to develop a low-carbon economy in the real estate industry. In just over a decade, China's real estate industry has risen rapidly and become a locomotive driving China's economy. In the context of China's economy, the real estate industry is still a new industry with great development potential in the future, and will still have to shoulder an important historical mission for a long time, In the future process of China's vigorous promotion of the development of low-carbon economy, low-carbon real estate will become the mainstream of China's real estate development. It can be said that whoever seizes the opportunity to develop low-carbon real estate will win and lead the development of China's real estate industry in the future, and will also make the greatest contribution to the construction, transformation and development of China's economy in the new historical period. 2. The main technical parameters of low-temperature tank: win both fame and wealth, win China, Win the world, win the hearts of the people

recently, we learned from the China Real Estate Association and the Beijing real estate association that the "China real estate 2010 Beijing Summit" will be held in Beijing in January 2010. This signal tells us that China's real estate industry will therefore open a great prelude to the development of low-carbon real estate

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