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Looking at the advantages of intelligent circuit breakers from the perspective of development, the epitome of smart power consumption

according to the statistics of relevant departments, a total of 59.80 million electrical fires occurred in China in, causing a total of 3631 deaths, 2289 injuries, and a direct loss of 10.32 billion yuan. In addition, according to the emergency management department, as of May 22, 2018, a total of 110300 fires have been reported nationwide in the past six months, with 676 dead and 343 injured, and direct property losses of 1.167 billion yuan. These objective conditions have aroused the great attention of the government and people's great vigilance

through the analysis of electrical fire accidents in recent five years, it is found that there are mainly several reasons for the accidents, such as wire short circuit, overload power consumption, poor contact and so on, among which wire short circuit accounts for the largest proportion

nowadays, the concept of "smart city" has been promoted to all levels of urban construction and residents' lives. From smart sockets to smart security, people not only fully enjoy the convenience brought by smart technology, but also provide broad prospects for the development of science and technology and the development of the industry. Speaking of this, some friends may have questions: aren't smart sockets and smart appliances all smart electricity? These are not enough. In order to realize intelligent power use, we should not only realize convenient, humanized and fast power use, but also realize one thing, that is, power safety

the intelligent circuit breaker launched by Le Niao is a new generation of remote intelligent circuit breaker developed by using microelectronics, computer technology, nbiot and WiFi remote communication. Its main feature is that the executive unit is composed of electric power technology and digital control device, which replaces the auxiliary switch and auxiliary relay of conventional mechanical structure. Nbiot and WiFi cooperate with digital control devices to collect operation data independently, detect equipment status and faults, and notify the alarm signal in time when faults occur, so as to take measures to avoid accidents

lnzk63a intelligent circuit breaker is applicable to the protection functions of overload, short circuit and isolation in the line with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 230v/400v and rated current up to 80A. At the same time, it also has the functions of remote control, brand awareness, switch state feedback, trip automatic reminder, and timed opening/closing by using the structural characteristics of the machine. What functions do we use in the practical application of intelligent circuit breaker! This is the product suitable for you. The following is a brief introduction to the relevant functions of Leyou intelligent circuit breaker:

control: all lights, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and other electrical appliances in the room can be controlled remotely on each switch due to the limitations of the screen

lighting: lighting can be turned on and off at regular intervals. StarTech valve spring fatigue testing machine adopts the development concept of unitization, modularization and standardization, and can also be controlled manually through remote control, without manually turning off or turning on the switch at a relatively long distance

operation: you can complete the processing of remote control such as timing, delay and so on by defining scenes. The number of scenes is unlimited, and you can add them manually

locking: the switch can be locked through remote setting to avoid misoperation, or manual closing by non unit people to avoid unnecessary accidents

all off function: you can turn off all kinds of household appliances in the room with one key. Convenient installation: the installation size and wiring method are the same as that of ordinary switches, without other additional operations

at the same time, this intelligent air switch is widely used For example: remote intelligent control of family, student dormitory, enterprise, municipal engineering, street lamp, farm, rental house, water pump, floor heating, water heater and other equipment

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