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Look at the three advantages of telecommuting

after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, telecommuting has become the first choice of many enterprises in response to the need to return to work, which has formed a strong guarantee for the physical and mental health of employees. Not only to deal with the epidemic, in the long run, telecommuting also has certain benefits. Today, let's take developers as an example to see the three advantages of telecommuting

at the global leadership summit held by London Business School in 2014, Deloitte investigated a series of questions to business leaders participating in the conference on the topic of remote work. Among them, 34% believe that by 2020, more than half of people will not work in traditional offices, and 25% believe that this figure will exceed three quarters. But they all guessed wrong

according to a recent survey conducted by stackoverflow, only 12% of developers work remotely. Among other respondents, 15% were asked to complete the fizz buzz test, a programming test used to screen candidates in interviews. Telecommuting still has a long way to go

nevertheless, many enterprises are enjoying the benefits of remote offices. Then, the question to be considered is, why don't more technology enterprises embrace telecommuting

enterprises should support telecommuting for three reasons:

01. Improve efficiency

in 2013, Chris parnin, a doctoral student, conducted a research covering 10000 programming projects in the lithium-ion battery industry in response to the problem of task interruption. Parnin found that after work was interrupted, it took a programmer minutes to resume writing code. Now parnin has become an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, teaching computational principles

similarly, Nicholas bloom, a professor at Stanford Business School, is looking for a way to balance the rapid expansion of enterprises. First, less new offices should be established and employees should be allowed to work remotely. Over the past two years, bloom has tracked the effect of this method:

the production of people who work from home, and the load calculation and loading force have increased by 13%

the turnover rate has decreased by 50%

the per capita profit has increased by $2000

02, a larger talent pool

The Daily Telegraph mentioned in a recent article that in terms of job satisfaction, the negative impact of an increase in commuting time of 20 minutes, Equivalent to the negative impact of a 19% reduction in income. If employees can be provided with such benefits, enterprises will be able to attract a wider range of candidates, no matter where they come from in the world

this means that being able to work 100% from home is a selling point for programmers that combines many benefits

programmers can choose a time they like to write code. For example, some people like to write code during the day, but some people like to spend more time with their family and friends in the middle of the night

they don't have to deal with continuous interference, which is often encountered in open-ended offices

03 and reduce absenteeism

according to the research done by the world's largest recruitment search engine, indeed, The possibility of telecommuting employees taking sick leave has been reduced by 50%, mainly due to:

avoiding contact with germs in the office space

more comfortable office

flexible office hours

as a result, telecommuting employees are less likely to get sick. If they are really ill, they will also choose to work under the condition of only slight discomfort. After all, it is more comfortable to stay at home

buffer, a technology company well-known for transparency, team culture and telecommuting, found in a survey that 99% of telecommuters hope to continue telecommuting at least part of their future career. And 95% of people will recommend telecommuting to others. In this case, why not let more enterprise developers work remotely

we finally summed up a set of harmonious solutions: how can we better get the precise data in the experimental process under the condition of ensuring the personal safety of the experimental operators? Our equipment design is more reasonable, safer, more reliable and more precise. Source:

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