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[40th anniversary of reform and opening up · looking at Feixi] Luo guangming: 14 years witnessed barren plains to tall buildings

editor's note: since 40 years of reform and opening up and 70 years of the establishment of the county, Feixi has undergone earth shaking changes. Social, economic, cultural and other undertakings have developed in an all-round way, urban construction has advanced rapidly, and people's living standards have been continuously improved. Recently, Phoenix Anhui visited Feixi agriculture, education, medical treatment, electric power, police, and Environment Editor's note:

since the reform and opening up 40 years ago and the establishment of the county 70 years ago, Feixi has undergone earth shaking changes. Social, economic, cultural and other undertakings have developed in an all-round way, urban construction has advanced rapidly, and people's living standards have been continuously improved. Recently, Phoenix Anhui visited practitioners in Feixi's agriculture, education, medical treatment, electric power, police, sanitation, construction and other industries to listen to the city's rapid changes in the process of reform and development

experienced person in the construction industry Luo lighting

what is life like in the city? There are tall buildings and bright ones. Behind these high-rise buildings and brilliant lights is the hard work of construction workers

recently, Fenghuang Anhui came to the construction site of the second phase of the lighthouse settlement. Seeing the workers busy with their work, they heard the rhythmic beating of steel bars in the distance. In front of them was a 30 story building under construction

the 30 storey resettlement house has been built

put on the helmet, and Phoenix Anhui walked into the elevator of the construction site with construction worker Luo Guangming, and the scenery in front of it slowly rose with the elevator. If it weren't for the unfinished building, I almost forgot that they built this 30 story building, which is nearly 100 meters high, layer by layer

from manual operation to basic mechanization

Luo lighting, who has participated in the construction of key livelihood projects such as lighthouse home and Mingchuan Township shanty reconstruction, has been engaged in the construction industry for 14 years and has experienced the process from manual to basic mechanization in the construction industry

speaking of the changes that have taken place in the construction industry, Luo lighting talked with confidence. He said that in the past, we used to use pure human trolleys and flatbed trucks to transport materials. It was very laborious to build a springboard when the floor was a little higher, and then slowly raise the required materials. At that time, when the building area reached 6000 or 7000 square meters, we had already established our own manufacturing workshop, which was a big project

now there is a construction elevator, so as long as workers transport materials to the elevator, they can transport them to any floor; And the flatbed cars used now are all electric. These are all international Amway shares brought about by scientific and technological progress. Luo Guangming said to Fenghuang Anhui with a smile, adding that the current project scale is often hundreds of thousands of square meters, and the completion speed is relatively fast. The most important thing is the use of many convenient mechanical equipment, which not only saves labor and effort, but also improves work efficiency

while adopting advanced machinery and equipment to reduce the workload of workers, the government's care for construction workers has also increased, most notably the increase in wages. In the past, 40 or 50 yuan a day, now you can get two or three hundred yuan a day. Luo Guangming thought of his salary when he first worked as a construction worker, and was very sorry. He also calculated an account on the spot. In the past, if he didn't rest for a month, he could get 1500 yuan if he died. Now he has an income of about 7000 yuan easily

construction workers are on the roof. Wu Qingguo said that the most important point of operation should be to strengthen the protection of workers and enhance safety awareness. Luo lighting said that in the past, the construction technology was lagging behind, and most of the work needed to be completed by workers themselves, so it was inevitable that there would be bumps. Now, before entering the construction site, every worker must go through three-level safety education, clarify safety knowledge, workflow, etc., and then be allowed to enter the construction site to work

there is an electronic screen on the construction site, which shows the current air quality, temperature, wind force, etc. Luo Guangming explained to Fenghuang Anhui that this equipment is called the real-time detection data display platform. When the air quality is lower than the set value, the whole set of equipment will spray water mist, and it will automatically stop until the air quality meets the standard; The size of the wind determines whether the tower crane can be used to reduce the occurrence of dangerous things, so it is at the bottom of the industry pyramid

in addition, relevant departments of Feixi County government require the construction unit to provide workers with insurance, and provide high-temperature subsidies, heatstroke prevention drugs, etc

in the face of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Feixi County and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Luo Guangming said that as a construction worker, I am very happy to have witnessed Feixi from a relatively backward urban area to the current high-rise buildings. There is also my part in it

from barren flat land to 30 storey high buildings

from the dialogue with Luo Guangming, Fenghuang Anhui learned that before the construction, here were scattered small villages, surrounded by desolation. Now the Feixi County government invested funds to build a large-scale community, each building is about 20 or 30 floors, and the original villagers can live directly after the construction. The government has strict requirements on project quality. Luo Guangming said that this also shows that the Feixi County government is responsible for the people and attaches importance to people's livelihood projects

according to Fenghuang Anhui Province, Feixi County Key Engineering Bureau has always attached great importance to the construction of people's livelihood projects, put them really in mind, and ensure the progress, quality and safety of the project through a variety of measures. As of September 7, 2018, there were 31 resettlement projects under construction by Feixi County Key Engineering Bureau, with a total contract price of about 10.687 billion yuan. In the first half of 2018, 10 resettlement projects were completed, which can provide 12253 houses, and the relocated population is about 39000. The large number of resettlement houses will enable many low - and middle-income people in Feixi County to have their own houses at a lower cost, so that they can invest more money in other aspects of life and improve their living standards

on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the county, Feixi has invested a lot in key projects, worked hard and made progress. In recent years, in addition to the resettlement housing project, the new and reconstructed urban trunk roads connecting the main urban area, such as Jinzhai South Road, Fangxing Avenue, Yulan Avenue, Yungu West Road, Shenzhen road, Jianghuai Avenue, have been completed and opened to traffic, which not only realizes the seamless connection with the main urban area, but also greatly improves the traffic efficiency. In terms of the development of public welfare facilities, the lavish and high-quality construction of Paihe theater, county university for the elderly, county archives, Zhongpai sewage treatment plant, township sewage pipes, grain logistics park and other projects have also been put into use; Educational school projects such as SHANGPAI Central School North Campus and Nanmen primary school Shangpai branch have also been established, providing a strong guarantee for the development of education in Feixi County

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