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Looking at Sany five years later, Ma Kai praised "the pride of China's construction machinery"

looking at Sany five years later, Ma Kai praised "the pride of China's construction machinery"

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on May 15, the first Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition opened. In the morning, the exhibition area of Sany group ushered in an exciting moment. Ma Kai, former Vice Premier of the State Council, came to visit hall W3 of Sany group exhibition area. This is Ma Kai's second inspection of Sany after five years. Ma Kai highly affirmed Sany's achievements in high-end manufacturing, internationalization and industrial interconnection, praised Sany as "the pride of China's construction machinery", and wished Sany "better and better"

at 9 a.m. that day, Ma Kai, accompanied by Du Jiahao, Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, and Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee and governor, came to the Sany exhibition area. Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, Huang Jianlong, director of Sany group and other company executives were greeted at the exhibition hall

in Sany exhibition area, Ma Kai listened carefully to Liang Wengen's report on Sany in intelligent manufacturing, internationalization, tree root interconnection, etc. He affirmed that Sany has gone deep into the field of intelligent manufacturing, deeply cultivated the "the Belt and Road", accelerated the development of construction machinery manufacturing industry, and embarked on the road of digital transformation

five years ago, that is, in 2014, when Ma Kai, then member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, first visited Sany, he sent a message to Sany, "I hope Sany will enhance confidence, actively respond to it, and achieve better development through its own steady adjustment". Liang Wengen made a special report on this. He said that with the strong support of the Hunan provincial Party committee and government, Sany experienced five years of in-depth adjustment and achieved "blowout" growth in 2017. In 2018, Sany's overall operating level was at the best level in history

then, Liang Wengen briefly introduced the development of Sany fist products. Ma Kai listened as he walked, and asked with great interest, "what is the level of Sany's mechanical products compared with European and American countries?" Liang Wengen said that Sany excavator has long broken the history of foreign brands monopolizing the Chinese excavator market. Compared with foreign equipment, Sany excavator has high fuel-saving performance and high cost performance. Its domestic market share has reached 22%, and its sales volume has been the first for eight consecutive years. Sany is comprehensively helping China move from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power", and has also become the leader of the "the Belt and Road". Ma Kai recognized this

five years ago, when Ma Kai inspected Sany, he also focused on the investigation of Sany ECC's high-performance material manufacturing center focusing on future transportation. Seeing that the ECC platform can carry out real-time monitoring of the operating rate and construction situation of all kinds of construction machinery and equipment in Sany all over the country, and can reflect the development of macro-economy from the side, Ma Kai said: "I think the big data of Sany can serve the country, so that we can better study the macro-economy and make better economic decisions." Liang Wengen immediately said that in the future, ECC will be further enriched and improved to better provide reference for the country

at present, the "Sany excavator index" based on big data has become very famous in the industry. It is submitted to relevant national ministries and commissions every half month to provide a basis for judging the macroeconomic trend

this time, Liang Wengen made a special mention of Shugen Internet, an industrial interconnection enabling platform enterprise incubated by SANY and now operating independently. It is understood that relying on Sany's industrial equipment gene, through more than two years of breakthroughs and innovation, tree root Internet has launched equipment IOT, big data analysis and cloud platform services worldwide, serving 61 industrial segments across industries and fields, and helping to build 14 industry "cloud platforms", including casting industry chain, injection molding industry chain, textile industry chain, etc

when you know that Sany has been through 11 When the tensile strength testing machine built its own powerful experimental database to survive the cold winter and made great strides in intelligent manufacturing to achieve high-quality development, Ma Kai nodded frequently. After five years of absence, he lamented that Sany has developed rapidly and changed greatly, which is exciting. Ma Kai said, "since its establishment, Sany has continued to grow and become a typical representative of similar equipment manufacturing industry and the pride of China's construction machinery manufacturing."

farewell, Ma Kai sent a message to Sany: "you have made contributions to the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry and industrial interconnection, and won honor for China internationally. I wish Sany better and better!"

carrying the encouragement and entrustment of the party and state leaders, Sany people will not forget their original intention, make persistent efforts, and contribute a world-class brand to China in innovation and breakthrough

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