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London Olympic Games watch coating enterprises "curve marketing"

London Olympic Games watch coating enterprises "curve marketing"

August 27, 2012

[China paint information] the Olympic Games are in full swing in the Western Hemisphere, and Chinese paint enterprises are not idle in the eastern hemisphere

although there is no sign that our national paint was used in the venue construction of the London Olympic Games (in fact, Dow monopolized the chemical material market of the Olympic Games in), not to mention being a sponsor of the Olympic Games. It can't compete with such giants as McDonald's and Coca Cola. But don't lose heart, Chinese paint enterprises are not insulated from the Olympics

in history, we have a story of "curve saving the country". Facing the great business opportunity of the Olympic Games, our coating enterprises have also staged a story of "curve Olympic marketing"

among them, the best one is budds. At the time point more than a month before the London Olympic Games, "suddenly" announced the signing of the sponsorship of the Chinese national track and field team, which really earned a lot of admiration and attention. Although Fang Xueping said that he was not only interested in the opportunity of the Olympic Games, it is estimated that few people would like to believe his statement that "there is no silver here for threehundred Liang"

another prominent example is garberry. The sponsorship of the National Men's basketball team signed two years ago still provides it with one of the topics of publicity. At the same time, garberry is carrying out brand roadshow activities nationwide, and the Olympic metal tensile testing machine meets the standard: gb/t 3098.1 ⑵ during the 2010 Olympic Games, it also organically combines the slogan of "cheer for the men's basketball team" with the roadshow activities - although after the National Men's basketball team group match was eliminated, this slogan was changed to "cheer for Chinese athletes"

to bards and garberry, participating in and carrying out sports marketing by sponsoring national sports delegations is the most effective and justifiable way of "curve marketing", and of course, it is also the most expensive. In addition, a group of paint enterprises led by Jialishi can only "find another way" because they do not sponsor the sports team

carlys uses their usual way - Online awards to create football and improve the flying arc game. Before the start of the Olympic Games, its "enjoy sports" game has been launched, and the game rules related to the Olympic events have been set. The "elimination target" is a familiar coating pollutant, including VOC, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., which is linked with the environmental protection concept advocated by its products. Of course, you can't ignore the image of carlys on the activity page

other coating enterprises have similar practices. They are all building the Linzhou Auto Parts Industrial Park in the name of "refueling for China", carrying out brand marketing, or playing the activity of "cheering for the Olympics and forwarding with prizes" on Weibo, and "doing everything possible" to connect themselves with the London Olympic games and win attention. However, huazibu's magic paint was a little innovative. They sent personnel to the capital airport to welcome the athletes returning home early with the brand of "magic paint welcomes the triumph of Olympic athletes"

as for the effect of these "curve marketing", there are different opinions. For example, Liu Xiang, the most popular athlete of the national track and field team sponsored by budds, suffered from injury again. You can think that budds "bet on the wrong treasure", but budds said on his microblog that "he still supports Liu Xiang"; The men's basketball team sponsored by garberry also failed to win a group game, but its fighting spirit has been recognized by the Chinese people

the only quantifiable effect comes from carlys. As of 18:00 on August 9, its "enjoy sports" game attracted 194337 people under the temptation of the grand prize. In other words, 194337 people inevitably saw the advertising image of carlys

some people may say that these are all marginal goals for the Olympic Games; But isn't the edge ball a marketing tool? Not to mention, some coating enterprises have indeed paid money and effort to plan this "curve marketing" related to the Olympic Games. Even if it is marginal, as long as it is creative and can attract attention, we can say that this marketing is successful

the quadrennial Olympic Games will soon end, and the "curve Olympic marketing" of paint enterprises will soon come to an end. Summing up the means of this "Olympic marketing" may give some inspiration to those paint interfaces that disdain to play the edge ball for virtual image enterprises. In 2014, let our paint enterprises compete again in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, Brazil

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