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The current situation of asbestos in the coating industry is seen from the sharp decline of Johnson & Johnson's share price

the current situation of asbestos in the coating industry is seen from the sharp decline of Johnson & Johnson's share price

December 20, 2018

[China Asphalt information] recently, Reuters released a survey report that for more than a decade, the U.S. health and care giant Johnson & Johnson has been aware and worried about the carcinogens contained in its baby talcum powder, but has never disclosed it. Although Johnson & Johnson later issued a statement refuting the report, the company's stock fell 10.04% to close at $133.00 per share, Russian presidential Secretary Peskov said on the 11th. Johnson & Johnson's plunge was the largest one-day decline since July 19, 2002, and its market value evaporated more than $40billion, becoming the biggest drag on China paint on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the standard & Poor's 500 stock indexes that day

baby talcum powder is a globally renowned product of Johnson & Johnson. Since the 1970s, talc powder has often been used in baby talcum powder and other beauty products. Johnson & Johnson's share price plummeted because of media reports that talc powder used in its baby talcum powder products may contain asbestos. It is reported that whether talc powder causes cancer is still controversial in the medical field. However, talc powder raw materials will be accompanied by asbestos impurities, and asbestos has been internationally recognized as a carcinogenic screw cap material. Therefore, when talc powder is used as a cosmetic raw material, countries and regions will strictly control its asbestos residue

asbestos is a kind of substance that is highly harmful to human body. Long term inhalation of asbestos fiber can cause fatal diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural mesothelioma, peritoneal mesothelioma and gastrointestinal cancer. So far, many workers have died from diseases caused by asbestos. Countries have paid hundreds of billions of dollars in special compensation for this. Based on the consideration of environmental protection and health, many countries and organizations in the world have promulgated asbestos control or prohibition regulations

as the 2009 amendment to SOLAS Convention issued by the International Maritime Organization points out: from January 1, 2011, all materials newly loaded on board shall not contain asbestos. This provision applies to all operating ships and newly built ships within the scope of application of SOLAS Convention. Since 2011, the international port state inspection organization has gradually carried out special inspections specifically for asbestos. If the operating ships are investigated and found to contain asbestos equipment or components, it is required to hire a professional company to dismantle them under the supervision of the flag state within three years from the date of discovery, which will bring incalculable losses to the international operating ship owners

don't just watch the excitement. Talk about our coating industry

coating is an inevitable tested substance in ocean transportation. At the same time, coating is a kind of product closely related to people's life. However, after testing, it was found that many coating products contain asbestos, which has also become a potential killer threatening people's life and property safety

in view of the common problem of whether some paint products contain asbestos, the author made an exclusive interview with engineer wangyupeng of the instrument analysis room of the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center

Wang Gong said that in view of the high harm of asbestos to human body, the domestic coating industry has issued corresponding national standards (such as method standards gb/t

determination of asbestos in coatings, gb/t

determination method of asbestos content in marine coatings, etc.) to make a detailed description of the detection method and detection limit of asbestos in coating products. At present, one or more methods of polarizing microscope, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope energy spectrum are generally used to qualitatively and quantitatively quantify asbestos in products, and the detection limit is 0.1%. The product standard gb/t

green product evaluation

coatings also clearly stipulates that asbestos should not be intentionally added. In the future, more and more product standards will include asbestos projects. It can be seen that the coating industry has reached a consensus on the harm and prohibition of asbestos

then, will paint products closely related to our daily life and work contain carcinogens such as asbestos

in response to this problem, Wang Gong said that the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center has taken the lead in the field of asbestos detection. Referring to a large number of experimental results of the testing center, we can draw the following conclusions:

in paint, if asbestos is not deliberately added to improve performance, asbestos generally does not exist alone. Asbestos is generally brought into products through associated minerals (such as talc powder, sepiolite, dolomite, clinopyrite, brucite, magnesite, attapulgite, vermiculite, oil holes of slope buffer are blocked by zoysite, olivine, etc.), especially talc powder, which has a high probability of containing asbestos. If raw materials associated with asbestos are added to coating products (especially fire-retardant coatings, high-temperature resistant coatings and other coating products), attention should be paid at this time, because such products are very likely to contain asbestos

the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center is one of the first batch of testing institutions to obtain the certification of asbestos testing and inspection qualification from China Classification Society (CCS), and has presided over the formulation of corresponding national standards such as gb/t

determination of asbestos in paint, gbfebruary 6/t green product evaluation

coating materials. The center has a group of experienced and capable technicians, and is equipped with polarizing microscope After years of accumulation and precipitation, a complete set of instruments and equipment, such as X-ray diffractometer and scanning electron microscope energy spectrometer, has made the center take the lead in the field of asbestos testing. (asbestos testing consultation:)

in the past two years, through the efforts of a group of socially sensitive testing institutions such as the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center and the improvement of corresponding standards and regulations, the situation of asbestos detection in the paint industry has been greatly improved, but there is no room for any negligence, so as to prevent the recurrence of similar events of Johnson & Johnson

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