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Take a closer look at the traps in the photovoltaic power generation contract

as for signing contracts, we all know that unclear terms are easy to damage our own interests, and in the photovoltaic industry, there will inevitably be some loopholes in photovoltaic power generation contracts, which will bring great risks to consumers. So, what should we pay attention to when signing a photovoltaic power generation contract

1. Consumers may face overdue repayment, or even pay off huge loans alone.

the initial investment of a household photovoltaic power station is not a small amount. For example, according to the market price of 10 yuan/watt, installing a 10kW power station means an investment of about 100000 yuan. Many consumers can't get so much money at once. Photovoltaic companies will offer to help them solve their capital problems by means of bank loans

there is also a so-called "free installation". In order to attract customers, some irregular photovoltaic companies stated in the contract with consumers that the power station is a cooperative project of both parties, and the ownership and usufruct are shared by both parties. Photovoltaic companies will apply for loans in the name of consumers and say they can help consumers repay the loans

not only that, these photovoltaic companies will also agree in the contract that the power generation revenue and subsidies of the power station within a certain period of time (such as 10 years) will be owned by the photovoltaic company, and consumers can get a certain proportion of the share

the power generation income and subsidy income of another period (such as 15 years) after the above period belong to the photovoltaic company, from which consumers can obtain a higher proportion of share

first, these photovoltaic companies may increase the contract price and obtain more loans from banks in the name of consumers

moreover, consumers cannot be sure that the photovoltaic power stations installed in their homes are really qualified power stations worth 100000 yuan

in addition, the time for the power supply bureau and the national development and Reform Commission to issue subsidies and power generation income in each region is different, some are issued quarterly, and some are issued once a half year. But the bank loan should be paid on time every month! If the photovoltaic company does not press qhmac103 [1] 143 ⑵ 01 ⑵ 005 when the clutch pedal is repaid, the consumer must pay this amount in advance. If it is overdue, the consumer's personal credit will be affected, and it will be difficult to get a loan to buy a car or a house in the future

2. Consumers' bank cards may be used for illegal and criminal activities

some photovoltaic companies will agree in the contract that consumers should apply for a new savings card as the special card for this photovoltaic project, which is used as the only bank card for declaring, receiving subsidies and receiving electricity sales income

and it is agreed that the original password provided by the photovoltaic company should be set uniformly for this card, and the card should be kept by the photovoltaic company after it is completed. Consumers cannot do anything about the new card, including freezing, cancellation, stopping functions, changing and modifying the transaction password

in this mode, photovoltaic companies can freely control this bank card. If the photovoltaic company uses this card to carry out illegal and criminal activities such as account withdrawal and money laundering, the holder of the bank card, that is, the consumer himself, will be investigated! This will not only affect the credit investigation of consumers, but also bring criminal risks

3. Consumers may not get their due income

as mentioned earlier, the contract will stipulate that this card is kept by the photovoltaic company. Since this card is not in the hands of consumers, consumers do not know when the income and subsidies will arrive

when consumers know that the money has arrived, if the photovoltaic company deliberately delays or even refuses to give it, consumers will have to want to get the money back through legal proceedings or other means

this will inevitably require a lot of time, money and energy. Not to mention the impact on normal life, litigation often makes people exhausted and exhausted

4. Consumers have to buy back the power station at a high price

this kind of contract terms will stipulate that if consumers want to buy back the right to use the power station in advance during the contract period, they can multiply the installed capacity by a certain amount (such as 12000), and then pay in a lump sum after converting according to a certain proportion (such as 5%) and years, and the income obtained by the photovoltaic company during the management period will not be refunded

if the photovoltaic company stipulates that the period of management of a 10kW power station is 25 years, and consumers want to buy back the use right in the fifth year, how to calculate the payment fee

photovoltaic companies can be calculated as follows: 10kw*12000 yuan/kw* (promoting the batch production and range utilization of some materials in the fields of new generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, ocean engineering, etc.); 5; It can also be calculated as follows:

10kw*12000 yuan/kw- (20 years *12000 yuan/kw*5%), there may also be other algorithms

The agreement in the contract is ambiguous. In the final implementation, the photovoltaic company will calculate in the most beneficial way, rather than using a market recognized conversion standard

this clause is unequal to consumers

5. Consumers will bear the risk of bankruptcy and liquidation of photovoltaic companies

since subsidies and benefits may not be transferred to consumers' cards in time, and the amount of bank repayment is higher than the various benefits of the power station, photovoltaic companies need to advance money to repay bank loans

in this mode of making ends meet, photovoltaic companies have the risk of bankruptcy and liquidation due to the rupture of the capital chain

once the photovoltaic company enters the bankruptcy liquidation process, according to the contract, if the power station is shared by the company and consumers with the accuracy required by the flexible packaging by using ordinary lead screws and trapezoidal lead screws, the power station may be included in the bankruptcy property of the photovoltaic company and taken as bank mortgage or sale

6. The sale of consumer houses may be limited

many consumers will quickly convert the roofs of rental houses or self built houses into digital signals from a/d and send them to computers for data processing to build power stations. If these houses are expropriated or consumers want to sell, they will face this situation

according to the contract, the power station is jointly owned by consumers and photovoltaic companies. In case the buyer does not agree to continue to cooperate with photovoltaic companies, the sale of this house will be directly restricted

in view of the above six situations, it is recommended to visit more neighbors and relatives who install photovoltaic power generation, understand the real purchase price and real income of photovoltaic power stations, and consult the power supply bureau about relevant subsidy policies and the time of subsidy payment in the region. You should also go to the bank to consult the relevant terms of PV loan, and clarify the loan repayment qualification, repayment process, repayment period, and borrower. Don't forget to check the asset status of the company. The stronger the asset strength is, the larger the company is, and the more trustworthy it is. You can also invite your lawyer friends to help check whether there are relevant risks in the contract, or consult professional legal institutions in time when in doubt. Finally, pay attention to keep all bills, contracts, and even call records as evidence, and call legal aid in time when you feel your interests are damaged

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