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In the era of flying sound, Landsea wireless IP voice communication solution

in today's society, wireless communication technology has been widely used in daily life, and the CPE brand is cpe135a; CaCO is colloidal CaCO produced by Zilong chemical plant in Zhangdian, Zibo; Home, office, shopping mall, bus and subway, etc. where the wireless testing machine software plays a specific role, people use the wireless network to work, study and entertainment. The main advantage of wireless communication technology is that it does not need wiring and is completely free from the restrictions of wiring conditions, so it is very suitable for the needs of mobile office users. As an expert in wireless IP office solutions, the wireless IP voice communication solution of VoIP era IP phone combined with Landsea IP PBX highly meets the needs of enterprise users for efficient and reliable wireless voice communication

demand description

when enterprises are faced with the following situations, there will be a demand for wireless voice communication:

in order to create a clean and beautiful new office area, it is necessary to abandon the traditional way of laying lines and build a pure wireless office environment

the old office building does not have the conditions for expansion and extension and network lines

there are many access devices, and the use of switch ports is limited, which is not convenient for port expansion

some employees often move in different office areas due to work needs, and still need to make stable and efficient mobile calls

scheme description

two Landsat IP PBXs of the same model and configuration are deployed in the computer room as hosts and connected to the user's core network to provide IP voice services. At the same time, the dual computer hot standby function is enabled to realize the redundancy of the host and standby

both old and new office areas can use wireless AP to provide wireless network coverage, so as to ensure the interconnection between wireless network and Landsat IP PBX in the computer room. Deploy the VoIP era IP phone on the office desktop, connect the network wirelessly, and register as the Landsat IP PBX extension

for those who need to move frequently in workshops, warehouses, guard rooms and other areas, they can be equipped with portable mobile phones in the era of flying sound, and registered as Landsea IP PBX extensions through wireless networks

program advantages

fip1x series phones in the era of flying sound, with built-in wireless module, support wireless connection. No wiring, flexible deployment, to ensure that the office area is clean and beautiful. The phones support broadband coding such as opus and g.722, and use powerful sound processing technology to provide users with clear and stable voice calls

fip16, a portable mobile phone in the era of flying voice, supports 2.4GHz 5GHz dual band wireless access, ensuring the stability of calls. At the same time, it supports ieee802.11k/r, enabling rapid roaming across APS and unrestricted free movement. Built in 4000ma high-capacity battery, 10 hours of talk, 12 hours of standby, and constant power at critical moments

Landsat's small and medium-sized final and kiloscale IP PBX can not only meet the different capacity needs of users, but also the convenient expansion of IP PBX and the active and standby redundancy mechanism further improve the reliability and stability of IP voice communication. At the same time, Landsat IP PBX transmits voice based on IP network, supports IP phone access in the era of flying voice, and can realize rich voice communication functions with phones

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