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The secret of love fresh bee flash delivery: signing up for community customer service is smart

as an administrative assistant of a network company in Zhongguancun, Beijing, li man often orders refreshments and coffee for customers who come to visit the company. If a colleague has a birthday, she will also buy some fruits, cakes and snacks. Everyone will take the opportunity to have fun. Because he is in the network company, and as a post-90s generation, he has been quick to accept new things, Li Man's shopping choice has always been the major o2o e-commerce platforms. These e-commerce companies provide customers with door-to-door service, and the promotion is particularly strong. One comes and two goes, and Li Man's colleagues also began to follow suit

recently, the most popular company in the company is a company called AI Xian Feng, which has complex circuits. In the eyes of Li Man and his colleagues, the logo of Aixian bee is particularly cute. It is a little bee full of fighting spirit. At first glance, the icon of the little bee looks like a missile and a rocket, implying that it is fast. When you download the app of aixianfeng, you are greeted by the welcome page that they are running and I am flying. It is the one hour lightning delivery that aixianfeng focuses on

aixianfeng provides one hour lightning delivery service and chooses o2o community development mode

for urban white-collar workers such as Li Man and his colleagues, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities have high work pressure and fast pace of life. What they need is convenient and efficient e-commerce services. The one hour lightning service of love fresh bee is right in their hearts. Because of this, love fresh bee has developed rapidly in a short time. Since the launch of the end product in May last year and the launch of the app product at the end of last year, aixianfeng has had 5million users, achieved 100000 orders per day and a monthly flow of more than 100 million yuan. At the capital level, it has also obtained a round B financing and a valuation of 300 million US dollars. Moreover, aixianfeng has reached cooperation with tens of thousands of convenience stores and expanded its business to core cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Nanjing, Suzhou and Hangzhou

behind the one hour flash delivery commitment of aixianfeng, the key is to solve the last mile problem, which is also the focus of many o2o e-commerce competition. In this regard, aixianfeng chooses the development mode of community o2o. Through cooperation with convenience stores all over the city streets, it can effectively use its idle resources. After the goods are uniformly distributed to the convenience store, the convenience store will complete the final door-to-door delivery service

convenience stores are right beside you and me, which is a powerful guarantee of delivery within an hour. Moreover, Aixian bee has always pursued the business philosophy of doing the right thing and doing something beneficial to the society. For convenience stores, they are incomparable with large economies such as supermarkets. On the one hand, they lack capital and are not competitive. On the other hand, they are impacted by the Internet and their income declines. After the unified training of aixianfeng, these convenience stores have not only improved their business awareness and service awareness, but also increased their sources of income; The convenience store with excellent performance will also hang the head of aixianfeng store, which is invisible brand publicity

high quality convenience stores hang at the head of aixianfeng store

and from the perspective of supply, in addition to cooperating with brand manufacturers to provide goods, aixianfeng will also provide products directly selected from the origin. Take the purchase of Sacred Heart mango directly from the production area of Lijiang Huaping as an example. This area used to be a coal mining area. Through the cooperation with the bulk purchase of aixianfeng, the local fruit farmers have benefited and strengthened their confidence, and the local government has seen the prospect of changing the industrial management form since 1, which is good for local ecological protection and environmental protection

after logging into the app of aixianfeng, the commodity categories provided on it are really rich, whether it is fruits directly collected from the origin, seafood fresh food, or brands' drinks and marinated snacks, all inclusive. For users' choices and preferences, aixianfeng pursues the business philosophy of giving what users want

how to understand users' thoughts? How to meet user needs? How to answer user questions? How to dispel users' doubts? When many peers are still burning money, robbing people and hyping, aixianfeng has always put service users in the first place, and knows that only good reputation and loyalty are the magic weapons of lasting foundation. In addition to excellent products and logistics, aixianfeng is also building an excellent customer service team

in the eyes of many people, customer service is a job with low technical content, which is to answer questions. In fact, in the era of e-commerce, the most important thing for users is choice. A bad shopping experience may lose a customer forever. In the view of aixianfeng, the positioning of customer service is not only customer service in the traditional sense, but also operational customer service. Because they are closest to customers and know their wishes best, their feedback is crucial to the development of the company

aixianfeng built an operational customer service

while rapidly developing its business volume, aixianfeng also made great efforts to build a gold medal operational customer service team. The customer service team of aixianfeng constantly improves its own service in response to the needs of customers, which is no longer just the after-sales satisfaction and troubleshooting of users, but more a practical embodiment of passing on the service concept of aixianfeng and optimizing the service content. At the same time, aixianfeng strengthened the training of customer service personnel and comprehensively upgraded its service concept, service skills, service attitude and other aspects, with a view to comprehensively improving the service quality and striving to bring users the best shopping experience

in this case, aixianfeng hopes to find products that can improve the efficiency of customer service personnel without expanding staff. They really found it. This company is called wisdom tooth technology

although the company logo of wisdom tooth technology is a tooth, it has nothing to do with dental treatment. The name of the company is inspired by Zheng Yuanjie's Adult Fairy Tale wisdom teeth, which says that geniuses have wisdom teeth. For customer service products, wisdom is also needed if you want wisdom

the production of wisdom tooth technology must meet the relevant experimental method standards. The product is a robot + artificial intelligent customer service product. The core of the so-called wisdom is to let robots replace and assist artificial customer service through semantic analysis, artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning

through the adoption of this product, when users have questions to ask the customer service staff of aixianfeng, the robot can help answer more than half of the questions, of which 80% of the homogenized questions can be effectively answered. The advantage of this product is that it can realize the free switching between robot and manual customer service. When some problems are personalized or difficult, the manual customer service can switch to the manual mode with one click, and at this time, the robot can also automatically help the manual customer service sort out the answers. Through the adoption of this product, aixianfeng has greatly improved the efficiency of customer service. On the basis of not increasing the original customer service staff, it can also support the customer service of the app channel. According to wisdom tooth technology, after adopting the robot + artificial customer service product of wisdom tooth technology, the number of customers answered by a customer service staff at the same time can be increased from 5 to 15

smart tooth robot + manual overview interface

if you think this product is only to improve efficiency, it is difficult to bear the name of wisdom. In fact, smart tooth robot + artificial product also has strong big data analysis ability. The system can collect the number of visitors, customer service duration, number of customers received, number of customer messages, number of customer service messages, response time and other data every day, and give a visual presentation of the analysis results. These results are crucial to the company's operation, because customer preferences, passenger flow channels, market trends and product feedback can be seen at a glance, which is a valuable data wealth for any company

in addition to aixianfeng, many companies, including LETV and PP car rental, have already become customers of wisdom tooth technology. It has been one year and three months since LETV launched the robot + artificial products of wisdom tooth technology. Many enterprises have serious egalitarianism. They have received 1.5 million users in total, answered 4.5 million questions in total, and the historical response hit rate is 96%, helping LETV block 60% of customer service questions, saving tens of millions of customer service costs in total

PP car rental has received 250000 users and answered 740000 questions in total since the product was launched six months ago. The hit rate of historical answers is 97%, of which robots answer questions accounting for 70%, helping to block 70% of user questions, and saving millions of customer service costs in total

in the fiercely competitive o2o e-commerce market, there is no lack of impetuosity, but there are also companies like aixianfeng that calm down and strive to have a clear conscience in serving customers in every detail. Some people say that the o2o model is particularly easy to replicate, but aixianfeng is really not afraid of replication, because no one can take away the image, reputation and loyalty he has established in the eyes of customers. In order to take such an easy but challenging Road, aixianfeng cooperates with wisdom tooth technology to build a strong customer service team. Many o2o peers, what are you waiting for

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