The hottest pyroelectric automation control system

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On March 7-14, the automation control system of major projects in the thermal power industry, known as the brain and nerve center of major equipment, was unveiled at the national major scientific and technological achievements exhibition of the eleventh five year plan. The system has been used in 6 1000MW ultra supercritical units such as the national Jianbi Power Plant, marking the successful installation of the world's highest level thermal power ultra supercritical units in chinabrain. China's high-end automatic control system has achieved a major technological breakthrough and independent innovation has reached a new level

the automation control system of major projects is one of the 16 major equipment categories that have been broken through in the "several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry". It is the core technology of major equipment, and plays a decisive role in the safe, reliable and efficient operation of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries that are outstanding in the same industry. It is vividly likened to the brain and nerve center of major equipment. It is a key field and key technology for the country to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, but it is also a weak link in the full localization of modern industrial major equipment with high parameters, large capacity and complex working conditions

in recent years, Guodian Corporation has thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, adhered to leading enterprise transformation with scientific and technological innovation, vigorously developed the science and technology industry and achieved fruitful results. In 2008, Guodian group took the lead in undertaking the 863 key project of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the automation complete control system for major projects in the thermal power industry in the field of advanced manufacturing technology. Guodian group attaches great importance to this and has established a major research group for megawatt ultra supercritical units, with Zhu Yongpeng, general manager of the group, as the group leader

the complete automatic control system for major projects in the thermal power industry is characterized by high performance, high reliability and openness; It is marked by digitalization, intelligence, networking and integration; It meets the requirements of the global life science and material science company Royal DSM group control and the integrated monitoring of the whole plant for the operation of the million KW ultra supercritical units with the largest capacity in the thermal power industry. The unique domain technology and super large-scale control capability (256 use is not long and wide, and the period is 100, 10000=250 million control points), realize the hierarchical and zoning control of the controlled object, and can be extended to nuclear power, hydropower, chemical industry, new energy and other large-scale industrial process control. Its technical level has surpassed that of large multinational companies such as Siemens and abb and reached the international leading level

at present, the system has been successfully operated in many 600MW and 1000MW thermal power units, which has effectively improved the automatic control level and labor productivity of thermal power plants through practical tests, played an important role in breaking the monopoly of foreign products, and is of great significance to ensure the strategic safety of the power generation industry

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