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Qiangxun technology has built a call center for Beijing Huaying Kailai Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Beijing Huaying Kailai Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaying Kailai), headquartered in Beijing, China. Relying on a strong non conventional financial platform, the company cooperates with dozens of financial institutions in the industry, such as banks, insurance, securities, funds, etc., and is China's leading wealth management platform

huayingkailai adheres to taking the customer's income as the ultimate demand, with scientific methods, professional market means, safe and rigorous risk control, and through comprehensive analysis of customers' investment preferences, financial management needs, etc., customizes wealth management strategies for customers to help customers realize wealth appreciation

at the same time, Huaying Kailai has continuously arranged key cities in North China, central China, South China, East China, Northeast China and other regions that can rely on energy accumulators, and has established a standardized, systematic and professional cross regional service network

Huaying Kailai is strong in running. It has won the honorary titles of 2015 China's top ten asset management companies, 2015 China's top ten integrity brand enterprises in the financial industry, 2015 China's top 500 financial brands, 2015 China's most influential brand in the financial industry, and was awarded the director unit by the China Financial Management Association

in the future, Huaying Kailai will always adhere to integrity as the foundation of development, take it as its own responsibility to realize the wealth appreciation needs of customers, strengthen management with efficient, rigorous, scientific and innovative ideas, and strive to become a wealth management service platform trusted by customers

the call center system of Beijing Huaying Kailai Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd. is a set of italks 6000 board level call center system, including 10-way manual seats and self-service information broadcasting, providing users with 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted customer service

each subsidiary of the system package 1 has been focusing on the in-depth research and development of special metal materials in their respective fields, including IVR (voice navigation), CTI (communication control server), LNK (computer integration), ultramci_ UI (multimedia communication control is officially put into production and data recording in the first half of the year), CMS (call center statistical query system) and other systems. The call center of Beijing Huaying Kailai Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd. is allocated to the most suitable seats for incoming calls from different information sources, such as calls, voice messages, mobile SMS calls, etc., through a unique intelligent algorithm; Customers' requests can be sent to different functional departments in the form of workflow through the business system and processed in a timely manner; The agent can inform the customer of the results through return visit, short message notification, etc

the quality inspection of the call center can inspect the workload, service attitude, skill level, work efficiency and other professional abilities of the salesperson through technical means; By means of real-time monitoring, recording and monitoring, we can spot check every detail of the salesperson's handling of business, providing technical support for controlling the service level of the whole customer service center

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