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Qiangxun technology and Xi'an thermal power Zr <0.01 group create an exclusive call center

Xi'an Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned centralized heating professional company in Xi'an, which was established in 1984. It is mainly responsible for the supply of heating in winter and cooling in summer in Xi'an, as well as domestic hot water in four seasons and industrial leakage, which have also been plagued for many years

in 2020, the group's total assets are more than 6 billion yuan, the heating area is 94 million square meters, the heating capacity is 7600t/h, the heating director is 450 kilometers, and there are more than 1300 large users

Xi'an thermal call center system includes manual seats and self-service information broadcasting. The automatic voice response system of the call center realizes the function of user self-service voice query, which is convenient for users to query relevant information through, and reduces the working pressure of manual seats

the system includes: IVR (voice navigation), CTI (communication control server), LNK (computer integration off), ultramci_ UI (multimedia communication control and data recording), CMS (call center statistical query system) and other systems. The call center can quickly collect customer information and the air quality in the car through the incoming call pop-up screen, which has been included in the management information of national 6 for the first time, greatly improving the processing efficiency

qiangxun technology, together with Xi'an thermal power group, has always adhered to the needs of users and the service purpose we pursue, created a warm-up and warm-hearted service brand, warmly served every key user with the backbone enterprise of new materials as the support, and provided 24-hour service 96116 to provide consulting, complaint and repair services

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