The hottest pyramid selling banquet for thousands

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At present, the harm of MLM organizations can be said to make people talk about Guangxi and turn pale. In order to offset this negative impact, MLM organizations have also designed a set of measures

these MLM organizations held public activities, held grand banquets for thousands of people, and went offline all over the country. They have been popular for many years, but they do not seem to have been effectively attacked and banned. It is reported that the development of MLM organizations depends entirely on the way people pull people. Many people were cheated to come to Guangxi in the name of tourism, project investigation, small business, etc. some people left angrily in the middle of the journey, some people stayed to join the partnership, and many of them were fathers who should call their sons and daughters their mothers to get rich together

in their words, the real attitude of the state towards capital operation projects is "macro-control and micro support"

It is reported that as early as 2009, Cui Xiaolin, China Economic Weekly, made an in-depth report on pyramid selling in Guangxi, in which he also described the scene of a grand banquet held by a seafood hotel for 1000 people. There was no law enforcement department to stop the bustle in the hotel

before engaging in pyramid selling, the market will show the trend that the strong will be strong and the weak will be out. Most of these people are working hard. Of course, they are warm, friendly and considerate, but after participating in MLM, they themselves have been kept in the dark

they have deeply believed in the world outlook constructed by MLM organizations. They have no common sense of modern economy and no ability to distinguish. They sincerely hope that others will become rich together with themselves, so they will cheat others by all means. Up to now, the momentum of cracking down on pyramid schemes has not weakened, but there are still countless people who join pyramid schemes in order to make themselves rich. These people are given immediate benefits The temperature of the cold and hot shock test box is very high when doing the high-temperature test, and it can't meet the 5400 (± 2700.) specified in UL standard at the same time It's really sad that our experiment requires people to have the most conscientious heart. Hardware electromechanical

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