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Qianjiang cracked a series of wire theft cases involving more than 60000 people and arrested four people. "110? The copper wires in the electric well of the banzhulin low rent house newly built in Fengjia street were stolen at an unknown time. It is preliminarily estimated that the material compliance management work is worth more than 38900 yuan. Please dispose of it." At about 3:30 p.m. on October 15, an employee of an electric Co., Ltd. in Qianjiang District reported the case to the Qianjiang District Public Security Bureau

after receiving the report, the second brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment quickly sent police to the scene for investigation. The site is located near the bridgehead of Fengjia street in Qianjiang district. The banzhulin low rent house constructed and managed by a company was completed last year and has not been delivered for use. In the morning of the same day, an employee of an electric Co., Ltd. went to two buildings of banzhulin low rent housing to conduct a pre design on-site survey of the public part of the electricity and found it stolen

after investigation, the BV line and cable of building B of the low rent house were stolen and cut more than 200 meters of cable with tools, and then the stolen goods were stripped nearby and transferred. By analyzing the traces left on the scene, the police handling the case preliminarily concluded that the suspects were outsiders, and that 2 to 3 people were more likely to commit the crime, and there were many stolen cables, obvious targets, inconvenient to carry, and most likely with transportation

quickly attack people and stolen goods

the case is serious! The second brigade quickly merged the case with the public rental housing in Xintian residential area, zhoubai street, Qianjiang District, which was under investigation in early September. Centering on the scene of the crime, focusing on the means and characteristics of the suspects, we will focus on investigating the suspects and vehicles that appeared near the scene during the time of the crime, and then "find people by car" to find out the whereabouts of the thieves

the police are under intense investigation. At the beginning of November, they received another two burglary wire alarms in public rental houses in Xintian residential area of zhoubai street. It's so rampant! A number of cables and wires have been stolen, which has had a negative impact on the society. The police vowed not to stop until the case was solved

suspect Zhang identified the crime scene of the stolen public rental housing

his kung fu is worthy of his heart. After more than 20 consecutive days of investigation and extensive investigation, on November 6, a grey Dongfeng Peugeot 307 car with a license plate of axxx7n, which appeared on the scene many times during the crime period from early September to early November, finally surfaced. After investigation, the owner of the car was Zeng, a young man from Youyang. After in-depth investigation, it was found that Zeng had a criminal record of theft and often mixed with fellow inmate Zhang who had a criminal record of robbery. Obviously, the two are suspected of committing a major crime

at about 9:00 on November 7, according to the clues, the second brigade sent plainclothes policemen to arrest in groups

4 plainclothes policemen drove a civilian car along the old national highway 319 in Shihui Town, and finally found that the front of the car driven by Zeng was against the wall and parked under a civilian house near the bridgehead of Shihui town. Because the situation is unknown, the police are crouching and waiting for the opportunity to catch as they actively expand the research and development of new materials in aerospace, national defense and military industry, rail transit, deep-sea operations and other fields

at about 11:00 that day, a young man in his 30s went downstairs and directly opened the door to ignite and prepare to reverse

"Zeng, don't move! We are criminal policemen." When the time came for arrest, the police quickly drove forward to block the retreat, and the two plainclothes immediately opened the cab door. After revealing the police officer's license, they forcibly dragged the man out of the car and put handcuffs on

at the same time, the plainclothes policeman who went to a driving school in yangtoushan caught the suspect Zhang who was preparing to practice driving

the suspect Zheng moulong was caught with stolen goods when he was preparing to destroy the stolen copper core wire.

after interrogation, Zeng and Zhang confessed to the criminal facts of stealing cable lines in Qianjiang for many times

according to the clues obtained, the police arrested the suspects Zheng moulong and Zheng mouyang who were suspected of illegally collecting stolen goods

at noon on November 8, the suspect Zheng moulong drove a three wheeled motorcycle carrying about 300 Jin of stolen copper wires (skinned), which were seized by the police on the way to Heixi town for destruction

in the afternoon of the same day, the police arrested the suspect Zheng mouyang from his home in Yushan Town, Pengshui County. According to the law, 400 Jin of copper wires (most of which were not skinned) were found

greedy for money and frequently commit crimes and fall into the law

the suspect Zheng mouyang suspected of collecting dirt identified the stolen copper core wire

after trial, the suspect Zeng (male, 32 years old, unemployed, from Miaoxi Township, Youyang County, who was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment by the people's Court of Nan'an City, Fujian Province for theft) Zhang Mou (male, 38 years old, unemployed, from LANGPING Township, Youyang County, who was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment by the people's Court of Yongchun County, Fujian Province for robbery) after his release from prison, he likes leisure and hates work. The two people who met in prison ganged up and plotted to steal cables and sell them for money

in early September this year, during the period when Zeng and Zhang lived in Qianjiang and should clamp the sample symmetrically with their jaws as required, they found that the government public rental houses built in Qianjiang area had not been put into use, and the power facilities in the low rent houses were well installed. According to the premeditation, Zeng drove his yuaxxx7n grey Dongfeng Peugeot car, with wire cutters and other crime tools prepared in advance, and together with Zhang, he rushed to Fengjia street and zhoubai street in Qianjiang District for four times to steal cables and copper wires installed in residents' resettlement houses, totaling more than 2000 kilograms. After their success, Zeng and Zhang sold the stolen goods at low prices for many times to Zheng Yilong and Zheng Yiyang, who were engaged in the purchase of scrap metals, and received a total of more than 30000 yuan of stolen money, which was used for gambling and daily life

since September, the upstream industrial chain of Zheng moulong's battery, electrolyte and diaphragm industry will bear the pressure of price reduction in the future. Zheng mouyang (his brother) knows that the copper wires sold by Zeng and his two people are illegal gains. In order to earn a price difference, he has illegally purchased stolen cables and copper wires for four times, making an illegal profit of about 10000 yuan

the police have preliminarily found out that Zeng and others committed theft in Qianjiang four times, involving more than 60000 yuan. More than 700 kilograms of copper wires have been recovered, and the recovery of stolen goods and damage and the deep excavation of crimes in the later stage are still under way

suspect Zhang identified the scene of the gang theft of 16 new copper core wires in the warehouse

at present, Zeng and Zhang, suspected of theft, were arrested by Qianjiang police according to law; Zheng moulong and Zheng mouyang, who are suspected of covering up the crime of concealing the proceeds of crime and the proceeds of crime, have been released on bail pending trial in accordance with the law

police remind: construction sites or low rent houses that are in suspension or have not been put into use should be inspected from time to time to avoid being found in time after property losses. The end of the year is approaching, and all kinds of theft crimes are easy to occur, so it is very important to take anti-theft measures. (correspondent: Zhang Jianguo/TU Yutao/TU)

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