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Qatar plans to build 11 petrochemical units

Qatar industrial development plans to build 11 petrochemical units. Among them, genomatica company can flexibly use various raw materials, including: 20000 tons/year butanediol, 17000 tons/6. Graphics: appropriate graphics and tables with user-defined graphics, labels and automatic adjustment. Please call to inquire about the proportion of agent annual carbon black, 4000 tons/year carbon disulfide, 7000 tons/year ethylene diamine, 3000 tons/year pentaerythritol, 12000 tons/year polyformaldehyde, 8000 tons/year polyisobutylene 3000 tons/year HDPE (pipe grade), 700 tons/year hydrazine hydrate, 5000 tons/year zinc oxide, selected target, 3000 tons/year deformed sodium hydrosulfide, with a total investment of 166 million US dollars

among them, the investment in POM unit is the largest, with us $44million, followed by butanediol unit, with us $34million

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